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Moreton Bay Cruises

Sail Moreton Bay!

Quick Details

  • 7:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • 1:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Adult - Weekdays
Child (0-12 years)
Private Charter 30 Passenger Capacity
25% surcharge applies on Public Holidays

Experience Moreton Bay cruising at its finest

INTERESTING! Located in the Moreton Bay Marine Park, Peel Island’s indigenous name Teerk Roo Ra, means “the place of many shells.” It was used as a quarantine station in the mid-19th century before passengers could move on to North Stradbroke Island.

The island once served as a leper colony. While access to the northern part of the island is restricted in an effort to preserve the historic structures, you can catch a glimpse of a shipwreck off the island where The Platypus was sunk in 1926 to form a breakwater for the jetty. This partially submerged shipwreck is also home to a rich marine life.

On this day cruise, we will sail through Moreton Bay and visit Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island.

Splash around in the clear-blue waters, up your stand-up paddle boarding skills, indulge in fun beach games, relax on the aqua mat, and don’t miss out on the coolest activity on the itinerary -boom netting!

What is boom netting? This is a fun ocean spa experience where you ride the waves safely on the edges of our “boom net” (a large net attached to the back of our boat).

What else can you see on the Moreton Bay cruise?

Dolphins! The two beautiful species of dolphins found here -Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins and Australian humpback dolphins -are an integral part of Moreton Bay’s abundant marine life.


  • Bottlenose dolphins have a lifespan of up to 45 years. They are very social animals and can leap surf, and bow-ride.
  • Humpback dolphins are listed as a rare species under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992.
  • Dolphins’ clicks are used for echolocation and navigation while their whistles help them locate and maintain contact with other animals.

From migratory shorebirds, hawksbills, and loggerhead turtles to paddle boarding, swimming, lounging on the aqua mat, and boom netting -Moreton Bay is a paradise with much to see and do.

What’s included with your cruise?

  • Sailing
  • Morning or afternoon tea
  • The main meal
  • A complimentary drink
  • Visit Horseshoe Bay at Peel Island
  • Stand-up paddle boarding
  • Swimming
  • Aqua mat
  • Boom netting
  • Island exploration
  • Beach games

What to bring with you

Take what you would need if you were going to the beach or spending a day exploring:

  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Swimmers
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket
  • Camera

The food menu for your private party

  • Morning Tea – biscuits, lamingtons, muffins, seasonal fruit
  • Lunch – garden salad, pasta salad, potato salad, Australian prawns, roast chicken, smoked leg ham, pastrami beef, tasty cheese, fresh bread rolls
  • Afternoon Tea – Fruit, savoury biscuits, cheese, and a variety of meats.
  • Beverages – fully licensed bar available for drink purchases

Ready to set sail? Let’s go!

If you have specific questions or would like to discuss your party options, please get in touch with us today by phoning 0487 441 618 or email us at [email protected]


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