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Whale Watching Cruise – Gold Coast

Sail and See The Whales - Gold Coast

Quick Details

Subject to seasonal change, weather and availability.

Bookings essential.

Child (0-12 years)
25% surcharge applies on Public Holidays

Experience Whale Watching on a Sail Boat

Sail to See the Whales!

Aria Cruises is excited to announce that we will be sailing from the Gold Coast this Whale Watching Season. This will start on the 15th of June 2024.

Come join us for a unique experience where you will have the opportunity to witness the majestic Humpback Whales on their annual migration to the warm waters of Queensland.

Enjoy a leisurely, light sail through the Gold Coast Broadwater on our purpose-built sailing catamaran.  After sailing through the Gold Coast Seaway, be sure to be on the lookout for whales and other marine life. Experience the thrill of being up close and personal with these forty tonnes, gentle giants of the ocean. Be entertained by acrobatic displays of breaching, head lunging, tail and pec slapping as well as many other playful antics.

Aria Cruises is the only sailing catamaran to offer Whale Watching experiences on the Gold Coast with a low carrying capacity of 28 passengers.

What else can you see on your “Sail to the Whales” Cruise?

So many wonderful species of dolphins are found off the Gold Coast. The most common dolphins being the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, Australian Humpback Dolphins, the Common Bottlenose Dolphins, and the Short Beaked Common Dolphin.

Bottlenose Dolphins have a lifespan of up to 45 years. They are very social animals and can leap surf, and bow-ride.

The Gold Coast is home to many shark species; including Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, Whaler Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks and even the mighty Great White Shark. These are also known to follow the Humpback Whale Migration. So keep a lookout for these too!

A group of sharks is called a shiver!

The turtles that are known to visit the southern part of Queensland’s coastline are the Loggerhead Sea Turtles and the Green Sea Turtles. Both species use the EAC (East Australian Current) to travel from far north Queensland.

Hey, that sounds familiar. Maybe that’s the route, Dory from Finding Nemo used, to help Marlin rescue Nemo from P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney.

Female marine turtles return to the same nesting ground where they were born when it’s time for them to lay their own eggs.

So, from migratory shorebirds, dolphins, whales, turtles, fish, and sharks – The Gold Coast offers a marine paradise with so much to see and do.

What’s included with your cruise?

  • Sail to see the Whales (Sailing is subject to the weather as we do require wind to sail)
  • 5 hour cruise
  • Morning Tea, Lunch, and a Complimentary Drink
  • Our Guarantee (If we don’t see a whale while out on your whale watching cruise, you get a return ticket to come again for free)
  • Expert commentary (Our crew are passionate about and have a love for the ocean and marine life)
  • Fully Licensed Bar
  • Onboard Music
  • No crowding (Low numbers of 28 passengers)

What to bring with you

Jacket/ Warm Clothes

Morning Tea 

A variety of biscuits, lamingtons and muffins served with tea and coffee


Ham, Salad and Cheese Sub or Chicken, Salad, and Cheese Wrap

Gold Coast Location

95 Marine Parade, Southport, Qld, 4215, Australia