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Looking for a different Brisbane day trip? Aria Cruises is your ticket!

Get set for a Moreton Bay day trip, cruise and activities

From the age of 12, Aria Cruises’ skipper, Robert Hartog, has loved sailing the clear blue waters off Queensland’s pristine coastline.

“I’ve been out there a million times, and it’s still amazing every single time. There’s just so much to experience,” he says.

And it’s just as easy and accessible to you too.

At Aria Cruises, we offer a variety of sailing options to suit everyone. It is our priority to maintain the highest standard of service, exceed expectations (wait until you see the views!), continually update our knowledge of the industry and locations, and create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for all.


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Get to know founders Robert and Louise Hartog

“We love seeing people make lasting memories and spending time with family and friends in an amazing location. We care about our guests and the environment and want to make a positive contribution to the community.” – Robert and Louise, Aria Cruises

The perfect cruise doesn’t just happen.

It takes passion, a supportive and talented team, experienced professionals onboard, and, above all, commitment. It’s our mission to offer every guest the sailing experience of a lifetime.

Rob, our well-known Captain at Aria Cruises, has been working on and around boats from a very young age. A Redlands Coast resident, his sailing experience, knowledge of all things Moreton Bay, is unmatched, and his friendly and jovial manner ensures a welcoming and fun experience.

And it will be one you’ll be telling your friends and family about for years!

As a kid, Rob found his “calling” sailing the seas and volunteering on a whale watching boats in Hervey Bay, Queensland, and he has never looked back.

Just after Robert and Louise were married in 2014, they established Aria Cruises with their vessel, Dream On, to share the glory of Moreton Bay and its rich history with others.

Today, Louise contributes to Aria Cruises as the Managing Director and Robert keeps busy as the Captain of their vessels Aria and Dream On.

  • Robert’s memorable moment: Spotting Australia’s favourite albino humpback whale -Migaloo!
  • Louise’s favourite part is:  Knowing that the guests have had the best time out on the water and are already eager to come back for another exciting experience.

Meet the team at Aria Cruises, Brisbane

When it comes to a fun day out along the south-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia, the Aria Cruises team serves up the wonder of Moreton Bay -our best-kept secret.

You’ll meet our amazing team on the day you cruise with us, and maybe even Ruby.

Ruby is our Sea-Doo-loving dog and your cruise concierge as she likes to meet people at the pontoon when she gets a chance. This delights everyone! But when she’s not busy bonding with our guests, you will find her barking orders at us.

5 things you should know about Captain Rob from Aria Cruises

  1. Rob has been in the marine-tourism industry since the age of 12 (when he also got his first job as a part of a cruise team and spent his time whale watching at Hervey Bay).
  2. As a descendant of the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog’s family, his passion stems from this legacy of sailing (almost 15 generations now!)
  3. He loves boating and the outdoors and on his days off you will still find him working out ways to escape the “to-do list” to go fishing, boating, camping and 4WD.
  4. He loves to entertain, crack jokes, perform card tricks, and absolutely loves creating recipes (be sure to ask him about his secret tuna and sand crab creations when you join us) .
  5. He is a member of Redland City Chamber of Commerce in Australia.

A passion and way of life passed down through generations

  1. Dirk Hartog was a Dutch sailor and explorer who was born in 1580 and travelled the world in the 17th century.
  2. He received his first ship’s command at the age of 30 and spent several years engaged in successful trading ventures.
  3. His achievements include the second recorded European expedition to land on the Australian continent. He also has an island named after him -Hartog Island.
  4. In 2016, the Perth Mint issued a silver coin to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Dirk Hartog’s discovery of Australia in 1616.

A memorable cruise out of Brisbane is only a call away

We offer something for all kinds of seafarers and there truly is a cruise for everyone and every occasion!

Take a look at our myriad of choices of Brisbane and Moreton Bay boat cruises and book yours today. If you have any special requirements or questions, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch by phoning  0487 441 618 or email us at – we would love to help you plan your special occasion.

Ready to set sail? Let’s go!

If you want to make this a private cruise for your next event, contact us to discuss your options and we’ll reply within 48 hours. But get in quick, we book out fast!

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